Penn Law Certificate in Latin American and Latinx Studies

Cross-Disciplinary Programming at Penn Law

Certificate of Study in Latin American and Latinx Studies

This certificate is awarded by the University of Pennsylvania's Center of Latin American and Latinx Studies (CLALS) to Penn Law students who wish to gain exposure in Latin America and Latinx Studies in conjunction with their legal education. Students develop rich cross-cultural fluency in Latin American language(s) and culture, and acquire specific knowledge about the history, social conditions, political challenges, and/or environmental issues affecting the region.


  • Students must successfully complete five courses in the general area of Latin American and Latinx Studies
  • Two of these courses must be taken inside the Law School (one course must be in Public International Law or International Business Transactions), and three courses are taken outside of the Law School
  • Students must demonstrate proficiency in Spanish, French, Portuguese, or a less commonly taught language such as Yucatec Maya, Quechua, or Haitian Creole