Call for action. Letter from LALS UAB to the Flores Exhibits Participants.


Dear Flores Exhibits Participants,

We hope this finds you well. 

We want to thank you again for attending the Flores Exhibit event in late October.  We imagine you may have experienced strong emotions similar to us ranging from sadness to anger in response to the moving testimonials by children and their parents detained by the U.S. border.  These atrocities and human rights abuses need to stop!

We wanted to share ways you can take action now, and below are some articles about the ongoing rights violations. Here is a link to the video of the Flores Exhibit event, and here is information about the event and exhibits.

We want to collectively keep working to end this state terror, so please feel free to share with us any other resources you find helpful here.

In solidarity to end this tragedy,


LALS Undergraduate Advisory Board


Take action now to stop the human rights violations perpetrated against children and families in U.S. immigration detention centers!