LALS in Solidarity with the #ScholarStrike for Racial Justice of Sep. 8 and Sep. 9 & Sharing of resources

LALS is committed to anti-racism and to advocating for racial justice for Black, Indigenous, and Peoples of Color in all areas of society. We stand in solidarity with our colleagues in the United States and Canada who are participating in the #ScholarStrike for racial justice this September 8 and 9, 2020.    

For our full statement in support of Black Lives Matter and against institutionalized racism and oppression across the Americas and the world, please visit here.  

We congratulate Penn Professor Anthea Butler for initiating this important day of action, and we encourage students, professors, staff and other members to learn more about the  #Scholar Strike.  You can read more about it in this article by Inside Higher Ed, and this article by Professors Butler and Kevin Gannon on Academe Blog.   

We would love to learn more about how you may be participating in today’s #Scholar Strike, as well as any resources about racial justice in the Americas that you would like to share.  Please take a moment to engage with the LALS community today (9/8) and tomorrow (9/9)  on our Facebook page here or on this shared Google Doc in a dialogue about educating for and taking action to ensure racial justice in the Americas.   

We can compile the list of resources to add to the LALS website.  

Thank you! 

Please find an initial list of some resources that we would like to share with you: 

General Resources 

Afro-Latin American and Afro-Latinx Art Historical Resources compiled by the  

Association for Latin American Art 

Recent news coverage, articles and books published by LALS affiliated-Faculty and graduate students 

Articles by Odette Casamayor-Cisneros, Associate Professor of Hispanic and Portuguese Studies  

Article by Marco Avilés, Ph.D. Student, Hispanic and Portuguese Studies,  La política racista de América Latina es un Espejo en el que no nos queremos ver.Washington Post (1/14/20) 

Penn Today Article about Michael Hanchard, Professor and Chair of Africana Studies (07/06/2020) 

Penn Today Article featuring Dan Gillian, Professor of Political Science (03/10/2020) 

Penn Today Article featuring Tulia Falleti, LALS Director and Professor of Political Science, and Américo Mendoza-Mori, Quechua Professor (01/10/2020) 

Online interviews/podcasts/teaching resources/films 

The Afro-Latinx Experience is Essential to our international reckoning on race, NPR’s Alt Latino 

Latinx History is Black History by Teaching Tolerance  

Black in Latin America – PBS Special with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. 

Other articles can be found in our monthly newsletter, and the archives can be accessed here

Articles related to Immigration and other issues  

NETFLIX series: Immigration Nation  

How border apprehensions, ICE arrests and deportations have changed under Trump 

10 Reasons Why Congress Should Defund ICE’s Deportation Force 

What Does it Mean to Be a Black Immigrant in the United States? 

Immigration and Blackness: What’s Race Got to Do With It? 

Just What Is A Sanctuary City? 

HIAS PA (Resource and to get involved) 

Additional resources and books: 

End the War Against Black Philadelphians Now! Petition 

21 Day Equity Challenge 

Books for an anti-racism education