Major Requirements

  1. Twelve courses with Latin American/Latinx content.
  2. At least one credit each from the following course clusters. Pre-approved courses for each cluster are listed below, but others may be approved as cluster courses upon review by the LALS adviser.
    • Criticism Cluster LALS060, LALS 073, LALS 157, LALS224, LALS231, LALS240, LALS252, LALS 267, LALS 274, LALS287, LALS291, LALS294, LALS296, LALS 388, LALS 389, LALS394, LALS395, LALS396, LALS397, LALS398
    • History Cluster LALS070, LALS071, LALS 072, LALS 078, LALS107, LALS 121, LALS174, LALS175, LALS179, LALS233, LALS 238, LALS248
    • Social Science Cluster LALS107, LALS116, LALS133, LALS 208, LALS209, LALS 213, LALS215, LALS227, LALS235, LALS250, LALS254, LALS272, LALS277, LALS317, LALS328, LALS385, LALS387, LALS417, LALS419, LALS424, LALS425, LALS431, LALS433, LALS436, LALS437.
  3. At least two courses addressing the regional experience prior to 1820. These courses almost always will overlap with the cluster courses described above. Possibilities include: LALS 070, 133, 178, 179, 233, 254, 272, 433.
  4. At least one course focused on the experiences of communities in the Latino diaspora. Appropriate courses include LALS 060, 072, 235.
  5. Students must meet the University's language requirement in either Portuguese or Spanish. Literature courses taken in Romance Languages will count among the twelve content courses or the Major.
  6. Courses of Latin American content taken in study-abroad programs will count toward the twelve Latin American Studies Major content courses, but approval from the LALS major advisor is required. Prospective majors studying abroad are advised to save syllabi and all of their own written work for courses they hope to count toward the major. Basic language classes cannot be counted (see above).
  7. All LALS majors must complete a research requirement. Most often, this requirement will be completed during the student's senior year.
  8. Courses to be counted toward the Major must be taken for a letter grade.
  9. In addition to the cross-listed courses by LALS affiliated faculty, there may be other courses that qualify for LALS credit depending on the content. Generally, courses that have a minimum of 30% content pertaining to Latin American and Latino studies qualify. However, these courses will need to be approved by the LALS Director or Associate Director.  Please contact the Associated Director, Dr. Catherine Bartch, with any questions.

Major/Minor Declaration Form - Please note, all Majors must reach out to a College Advisor to make official your worksheet, fill out this form and contact our offices at for an appointment. **Special note for Fall 2020: If you are interested in a Major, please contact LALS Associate Director Dr. Catherine Bartch at to set up a meeting via phone or Zoom. 

For more information about the Latin American Studies Major or Minor, see the Latin American Studies Undergrad Coordinator, at the Latin American and Latino Studies Office at 457 McNeil Bldg, 3718 Locust Walk.