Minor Requirements

  • Six courses with Latin American content are required, only two courses counted toward a student's major may be doubly-counted toward the Latin American Studies Minor.
  • Language competence equivalent to two semesters of college study in Spanish or Portuguese is required. Only advanced composition courses (such as Spanish 212) and literature courses may count among the six content courses for the Minor.
  • All courses of Latin American content taken in study-abroad programs will count toward the six Latin American Studies Minor content courses (subject to the approval of a Minor Advisor), except for basic language classes (see above).
  • Courses to be counted toward the Minor must be taken for a letter grade.

Major/Minor Declaration Form - Please note, all Majors and Minors must fill out this form and contact our offices at clals-upenn@sas.upenn.edu for an appointment.   

For more information about the Latin American Studies Major or Minor, see the Latin American Studies Undergrad Coordinator,  at the Latin American and Latino Studies Office at 411 McNeil Bldg, 3718 Locust Walk.