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Off Campus Jobs, Internships & Volunteer Opportunities

  • Organization of American States Internship
  • Center for Culture, Art, Training & Education (CCATE) Volunteering
  • Catalytic Communities, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Puentes de Salud: Hacia el Futuro Volunteering 
  • Mighty Writers Project Volunteering 
  • United Nations Internships - A listing of internships for the United Nations across several subjects.
  • Yleana Leadership Academy - Help high school students improve their SAT scores and cultivate student-mentor relationships, for a stipend.
  • ATRAVES - Promotes community development, health, and education in Nicaragua and runs an international volunteer program based in local Nicaraguan communities.
  • Acción - Partners with microfinance organizations to promote economic development and provide financial services such as housing loans to microentrepreneurs and their families. Internships are based in Boston, Washington DC, and overseas regional offices.
  • Amazon Watch - Works closely with indigenous groups in the Amazon Basin to promote indigenous rights, sustainable development, rainforest conservation, and biodiversity. Offices are located in Northern and Southern California and Washington DC.
  • Amerispan - Offers customized placements in business, law, architecture, and other professions in Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru.
  • Atlas Corps - Is seeking engaged leaders committed to the nonprofit sector. Twelve to eighteen-month professional fellowships in the U.S. and Latin America are available.
  • Cultural Survival - Works closely with indigenous groups to defend indigenous rights and promote sustainable development. It coordinates campaigns such as the Guatemala Radio Project and the National Language Revitalization Program. They are located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • The Center for International Policy(CIP) - A policy organization in Washington DC with a focus on human rights, demilitarization, and conflict resolution in areas such as Central America, Colombia, and Cuba.
  • The Council on Hemispheric Affairs(COHA) - Offers internships for students who are interested in US-Latin American political, economic, and diplomatic relations.
  • The Carter Center -Seeks interns with a background in Latin American and Caribbean Studies to work with its Americas Program, whose goal is to strengthen inter-American relations.
  • The Center for Justice and International Law(CEJIL) - Promotes the implementation of international human rights law in the member states of the OAS. It has offices in Washington DC, Brazil, Argentina, and Costa Rica.
  • The Council on Foreign Relations(CFR) - Publishes the journal Foreign Affairs and serves as a forum for foreign policymakers. Internships are available in departments such as foreign affairs, communications, and publications in New York and Washington DC.
  • The Directorio Legislativo in Argentina - Supports legislative initiatives that promote the public interest and works to ensure greater transparency and responsibility in the legislative branch of the government. They should be contacted directly for information about internships.
  • FINCA International - A microfinance organization that sponsors village banking campaigns serving low-income entrepreneurs in Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua. For more information, contact Amelia Kuklewicz, the regional operations manager for Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Grassroots International- Supports indigenous and women’s groups with grant making, education, and advocacy. The Boston-based organization partners with communities in Brazil, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua.
  • Inter-American Development Bank(IDB) - Internship programs that offer the opportunity for students to acquire practical experience on IDB operations during vacation time, be it during winter or summer, for a period of two or three months. Summer Internship program applications are typically accepted between January and March for a 2-month internship that usually takes place from mid-June to August. Winter Internship program applications are typically accepted between October and November for a 2-month internship that usually takes place in January and February.
  • Inter-American Dialogue(IAD) - An internship program committed to the professional development of young leaders from around the world and that has provided students and recent graduates with the training and experience they need to kick-start their careers in the public and private sectors.•
  • International Development Exchange (IDEX) - A grant making program in San Francisco that supports organizations working with Guatemalan and Mexican communities on economic development, women’s empowerment, and resource management.
  • The Latin America Working Group (LAWG) - Seeks interns who are interested in advocacy work, US foreign policy in Latin America, and the political, economic, and social issues facing the region
  • MADRE - A New York-based women’s human, sexual, and economic rights organization that collaborates on projects in Colombia, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and Peru.
  • Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos(NPH) - Sponsors homes for orphaned, abandoned, and at-risk children. Summer opportunities for teaching English, music, dance, art, and athletics are available in Haiti and the Dominican Republic; volunteers in Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico make a one year commitment.
  • The Organization of American States(OAS) in Washington DC wants to target high-potential students and young professionals.
  • Poder Ciudadano - Encourages citizens to participate in the political process and promotes government transparency and broader access to public information in Argentina.
  • Refugees International - A DC-based advocacy organization that promotes human rights and the resolution of refugee crises, including those in Colombia and the Dominican Republic.
  • Witness for Peace - An orgnization that coordinates grassroots activists who are dedicated to economic justice and human rights, organizing campaigns to change US foreign policy in Latin America and the Caribbean. Internships are in Washington DC.
  • Woodrow Wilson Center - The Latin American Program of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars seeks spring, summer, and fall interns with an interest in, coursework related to, and/or experience working on Latin American issues.
  • Washington Office on Latin America‘s(WOLA) Sally Yudelman Internship Program - Seeks to give interns hands-on experience and broad exposure to human rights advocacy and the foreign policy-making process. WOLA has hosted interns since the late 1980’s, and today our former interns can be found around the world working as human rights advocates, congressional aides, lawyers, journalists, professors, and even as members of WOLA’s senior staff.
  • Vive Peru - Is an international program in need of volunteer interns experienced in the areas of Clinical Medicine, Social Work, Teaching Music, Teaching English and Engineering to support our partner organizations and adopted communities in Northern Peru! Work side-by-side with doctors in local clinics and hospitals, volunteer with underprivileged children, share your love for music or languages with the children of Peru.
  • VE Global - A volunteer program that helps foster the growth of children at social risk in Santiago, Chile by implementing literacy, arts, health, and English programs.
  • Central American Resource Center of California - Real impact fighting and changing unjust immigration policies. Internships in Day Labor Center Internal Organizing, Legal, and English Instruction; volunteer opportunities in the Day Labor Center, Fundraising, Legal, Parent Programs/English Instruction, Tabling/Outreach/Special Events, Youth Programs, Other Skills, and Citizenship Class Tutoring.
  • Jesuit Volunteer Corps - The Jesuit Volunteer Corps engages brave young leaders in life-changing service, living and working with those in need to build a more just and hopeful world.
  • International Development Fellows Program, Catholic Relief Services - This is a 12-month professional development position abroad in international relief and development work.
  • Manna Project International

Scholarships & Additional Funding

  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund 
  • The Center for the Study of Ethnicity, Race, and Immigration (CSERI) Grant - This center will award up to 10 undergraduate research fellowships for projects starting in the fall of 2018 and completed during the 2018-2019 academic year. Students may receive reimbursements for up to $1,000 for research expenses as long as they apply and are enrolled in an school who wish to undertake research in the social sciences relating to race, ethnicity, or immigration in the United States or in other countries.
  • Career Services Summer Funding - Career Services funds unfunded or under-funded summer opportunities for students, including travel or living expenses. The funds reach a maximum of $3000. Preference will be given to undergraduates, but graduate students are encouraged to apply.  Deadline is in March.
  • Clinton Global Initiative - This foundation provides money for students that create commitments to action at the campus, local or global level.
  • Amy Adina Schulman Memorial Fund - This endowment fund provides grants to individuals who volunteer or intern for progressive social action projects, ranging from $500 to $1500.
  • Jessica Jennifer Cohen Foundation Fund - This fund provides financial assistance for young adults to perform community service.